Hotel Balka Strand

Bike Rental

Bornholm is as created for bikers. The roads are peacefull, there is a short distance between the many atractions, and the island has its own very special bikeroad network, wich makes it safe to travel all the way around the island. The total bikeroad networks is more than 200 km, and a great part is following the old and long forgotten railroad tracks.

At the reception you can rent a womens bike with 7 gear
1 day   DKK   75,-
2 days  DKK 150,-
3 days  DKK 215,-
4 days  DKK 275,-
1 week DKK 350,-

2 hours DKK 50,-
2 hours after 18:00 pm DKK 40,-

Only 200m from the hotel, is the Bikerental Boss Cykler, here you have the posibility of hireing bikes for children, men, mountainbikes, and much more..